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"We suggest that DD species as a group may in fact be more threatened than data-sufficient species. The conservation relevance of biodiversity hotspots in South America may be boosted by up to 20% if DD species were acknowledged"‼️‼️

Por si alguien está interesado en pedir una Margarita Salas o una María Zambrano para venirse a la @uvigo , el plazo está abierto

Tracking taxonomic progress is important for estimating the number of species on Earth.

#taxonomy #macroecology #biogeography #trees

New preprint on extinctions of mammals on Madagascar. We hope the dataset and approach will be interesting to conservationists, evolutionary biologists and paleontologists researching and working on protecting Madagascar's biodiversity. More updates soon!

Interested in plant #macroecology or #paleoecology, check out this 2-year postdoc position in my team
@BiochangeAU on Macroecological studies on large-#herbivore effects on past or present ecosystems & plant diversity 🦬🍃🌼🐘 #vegetation #palynology

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