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Check our new @biorxivpreprint where we propose the use of neighbor-joining trees to represent and quantify #functional #diversity. Combining the advantages of tree and hypervolume representations, with all functions available at #rstats package BAT

Our perspective on the potential of deep-time palaeontology to aid conservation prioritisation is now published in @FrontiersIn Eco & Evo (Integrating Conservation and Paleobiology to Manage Biodiversity and Ecosystems in a Changing World)

My book Animals in Stone, Indian Mammals Sculptured Through Time is now #openaccess, available here It is, for a change, NOT about island mammals πŸ™‚ but about #ethnozoology #SouthAsia #Sculpture #temples & #stupas

Coming in 2023: an exciting special feature, Leveraging #NaturalHistoryCollections to understand global change.

Join @BritishEcolSoc and @NHM_London for the launch event in person and online on 14 Feb!

Spaces are limited, so sign up now! πŸ‘‡

The Gargano Penninsula of Italy was once an island during the Miocene and like many islands the animals evolved into many unusual endemic species. Like this Hoplitomeryx, a small deer-like animal with 5 horns and large canine teeth.

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