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Did you know that microCT scans help researchers to detect changes in the anatomy during the individual development of an organism? A nice example is the Russell's viper shown below! 💡 🌐 Credits: Kristin Mahlow, Sanja Stanojev 🎦 #MfN_Embryology #snakes

Pleistocene #megafauna extinction in the grasslands of Junín-Peru @JBiogeography "Upticks in fire activity, during what is generally seen to be a wet period, formed the backdrop to extinction and are strongly associated with human activity" #overkill

Happy to announce that our with @LovejoyShaun article on the Scaling in the Evolution of Biodiversity is published in the @BiolTheory journal . In this essay we explore question of temporal scaling of biodiversity at geological time scales 1/n

🚨#deeptime 1.0.0 is now on #CRAN🚨

This new major version brings a lot to the table:
- A dedicated website (and logo):
- Tutorials:
- Revamped documentation:
- New and updated functions (see🧵)


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